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March 2022

Turning Gray into Green

Cement makes the modern world possible. By volume, humans consume more cement than water. And since Roman times, most of the beautiful, important and necessary structures we inhabit use cement. Why? Because it does the job and it is very cost effective and durable. However, the process is extraordinarily...


October 2021

Aionics Partners With Chement to Accelerate Zero-Carbon Cement Production Technology

Are there any parallels between cement production and battery design processes? It may surprise you to find out the answer is yes. Cement is one of humanity’s oldest and most widely used materials. Today’s processes for making cement are nearly 200 years old, and they account for more than...


October 2021

Breakthrough Energy Announces New Fellows Program to Harness Early-Stage Climate Tech Innovations

Today, Breakthrough Energy announced the first cohort of its new Fellows Program, as part of the organization’s goal to support the development and adoption of climate technologies the world needs to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. BE Fellows is the latest program announced by Breakthrough Energy, the network founded by Bill Gates...

Breakthrough Energy Fellows Announcement

Other mentions:

Bloomberg, August 2022

Bill Gates and the Secret Push to Save Biden’s Climate Bill

It was the middle of July — with temperatures surging through one of the hottest summers in US history, half of the country in drought...

Research Corporation for Science Advancement, March 2022

Negative Emissions Science Collaboration Aims to Reduce Cement’s Carbon Footprint

Barely a year after a Scialog award helped catalyze their collaboration, one Negative Emissions Science team has spawned a startup company to...

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